Option 1.

We ship to you every six months. Simple.

We want you to have an awesome experience with our product so we are going to do all the work! Once you purchase the Lidgrabber Starter Kit you never had to worry about it again. We will automatically ship you 4 new LidGradders every six months. This way you always have new lidgrabbers to use and don't have to worry about how to replenish. All you need to think about is having a healthy experience for your customer. 

$40.00/Year US only (free shipping)


Option 2. 

Order as you grow

We know that every once in a while you will just need to place a single order as you grow your business. This gives you a way to order a set of 4 new LidGrabbers whenever you want shipped right to you front door. We want to provide you a way of purchasing that fits your budget. 

$25.00 US only


If you are international then please reach out to us below.