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Beyond the Lid

the lidgrabber



What is the LidGrabber?

The LidGrabber is a patented, groundbreaking, and innovative solution designed to support self-serve or full-service coffee environments. It provides a healthier way to seal lids to coffee cups – eliminating hand-to-lid contact. It’s a low-cost simple device that conforms to the vast majority of lids available at most major retail coffee shops.

Our mission is to have the LidGrabber in every coffee shop, and revolutionize the way businesses serve coffee by showing customers they matter, and to raise awareness among consumers to expect nothing less.

At Crave we want to serve nothing but the best to our guests and the LidGrabber helps us offer service beyond our product by keeping our lids sanitary and hands free.
— Owner Crave Coffee and Bistro
We are now in 53 coffee shops in Saudi Arabia and growing

Invented in the heart of Arlington, TN

The LidGrabber was invented locally and handcrafted by Founder John Antignane. John is a favorite local that supports the Community and wants to see The LidGrabber in as many coffeeshops, restaurants, and food trucks etc.

By nature, I’m an inventor. I love figuring out better ways to do things and constructing solutions that help solve problems – it’s what I’m most passionate about – and it’s what we have done with The LidGrabber
— John Antignane-Founder


The idea of the LidGrabber came to me back in 2009 when I was getting my typical morning cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop.It occurred to me that people don’t realize how unsanitary their to-go coffee may be. Think about when you get your coffee: a person takes your “clean” money, places it in the register with all the other “clean” money, prepares your coffee, and palms the lid with their “clean” bare hand, securing the lid. While it’s obvious that the money exchanged and the server’s hands were most likely not clean, this experience made me determined to revolutionize the way businesses serve coffee. My goal is to raise awareness among consumers to expect nothing less than a clean coffee lid with their fresh to-go coffee.

We are now shipping worldwide and excited about the growth of our product.
— Paul Burns Co-founder


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